Located in Jennings County, three miles northeast of the city of North Vernon, the airport was originally developed as an auxiliary for Freeman Airfield in Seymour. Originally St. Anne Auxiliary Field, the airport was constructed in 1943. In 1948, the airfield was deeded to the city and has been operated as an airport ever since.

The facility has two runways, 5/23 which measures 5000 feet x 75 feet, and 15/33 measuring 2730 feet x 60 feet. With the main runway having 5000 feet of length it can easily accommodate most business jets and turbo-prop aircraft. The airport houses 33 aircraft and had an operations count of 12,403 in 2006. The airport sits on approximately 800 acres of property which contributes to the fact that the airport is completely self-sufficient. Through hangar rentals, farm leases and fuel sales the airport generates enough money so as not to have to draw tax dollars from the city.

The airport offers many attractive services. These include flight training and aircraft acquisition assistance offered by Huddleston Aviation; and also a full service maintenance shop: St. Anne's Services. There is also a modern terminal at the airport which offers such amenities as passenger lobby, conference rooms, high speed wireless access, pilots' lounge, meterologix weather computer, and a courtesy car. Also located on airport property is an 18 hole golf course, with transportation provided to and from the airport terminal.

Freeman Airfield in Seymour, 1946